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"Metabolic Syndrome - Does the Diagnosis Make a Difference?"

Dr. Lawrence A. Leiter (biography)
English - 2005-01-21 - 43 minutes
(42 slides)
(7 questions)

Summary :
In this presentation Dr. Leiter discusses different aspects of the metabolic syndrome, such as its diagnosis, prevalence, associated cardiovascular risk, pathophysiology and therapeutic approaches.

The metabolic syndrome has been defined in different ways, such as by NCEP ATP III or WHO criteria, and a few studies have compared the prevalence of metabolic syndrome using both of these definitions (1,2,3) One such study from the NHANES III survey showed good concordance between NCEP ATP III and WHO criteria although some differences were observed, for example a higher prevalence rate was seen in African Americans with the WHO definition (1) compared to NCEP ATP III.

Increased all cause and CV mortality has been associated with the metabolic syndrome (2,3,4). NHANES III showed that people with diabetes and the metabolic syndrome had the highest prevalence of CHD (5), and the WOSCOPS study found that the risk of CHD and diabetes increased with the number of metabolic syndrome risk factors (6).

The pathophysiology of CVD in the metabolic syndrome involves environmental and genetic (7) as well as other (8) factors, and it should be noted that not all people diagnosed with the metabolic syndrome have measurable increased insulin resistance (9). There is evidence of a pro-inflammatory state in the metabolic syndrome (10) and C-reactive protein levels have been found to add prognostic information in terms of CV risk (11).

When treating the metabolic syndrome, prevention of diabetes and cardiovascular disease are important considerations, and Dr. Leiter gives an overview of different kinds of prevention trials done in patients with or without diabetes/CHD/metabolic syndrome. Benefits of a Mediterranean-style diet (12) and exercise are discussed, as well as pharmacological approaches to improving CV risk factors.

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Learning objectives :
After viewing this presentation the participant will be able to discuss:

- Studies comparing the prevalence of metabolic syndrome using different definitions
- Metabolic syndrome-associated CVD risk
- The underlying pathophysiology of the metabolic syndrome
- Therapeutic approaches for the metabolic syndrome

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